MSC Orchestra - shore excursions during the cruise

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MSC Orchestra - shore excursions during the cruise

The MSC Orchestra offers interesting shore excursions.

Interesting facts about the MSC Orchestra

  • The MSC Orchestra belongs to the class of "Musica cruise ships" and offers a blend of Mediterranean style, comfort and well-balanced design. The cruise ship was built in 2007 and can accommodate nearly 2,500 passengers and over 1,000 crew members. With a total length of 294 meters and 16 decks (13 are for the passengers) also heard the ship to the larger models.
  • On board you will find a wide range of recreational activities. Among other options include a jogging track, steam room, several restaurants and bars, a casino and a theater available. On the boat you will experience mini cruises and major routes in northern Europe, the Mediterranean / Atlantic, Western Europe and Transatlantic.
  • On MSC Orchestra you will not get bored with security, the cruise ship is well equipped and offers all major facilities. Also, the program is impressive and makes every day for variety. However, you probably do not want to spend the whole trip only on the ship and even go exploring. These excursions are suitable for this purpose and bring you the most beautiful sights closer.

These excursions provide even more variety

  • On your route with the MSC Orchestra you can participate in various shore excursions and make so your holiday even more interesting. The trips can already comfortably in advance over the Internet or even book on board. For each route, some stays are planned and the excursions depend on the respective areas. Would you like to do with the MSC Orchestra, for example, a Mediterranean Kreutz drive, so you can experience a very varied program. You start in Genoa and can once enjoy the luxurious time aboard and become familiar with all the facilities.
  • On your third day, you create in Malaga (Spain) and can choose between several shore excursions. For example you can visit the caves of Nerja, go to Arbella and Puerto Banus or join a guided tour. Also in Lisbon (Portugal), the next trip destination country, you benefit from various excursion options. You can join a guided tour among others, experience the highlights of the capital, including a pastry tasting or spend time in the vineyards of Arrabida.
  • The city of Casablanca (Morocco) is the third destination and offers very interesting shore excursions. As a passenger MSC Orchestra you can decide, for example, between a visit to the imperial city of Fez, a trip to Marrakech, or a day stay in Rabat and Casablanca including lunch. In Barcelona (Spain) to the final destination before again calling at the port in Genoa, you can also experience a few attractions. Visit can enjoy, among other things on the unique "Flamenco Show" many cultural highlights by bus, spend a half a day at the water park "Isla Fantasia" or take a beach tour in Sitges.
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