Mustard plant - so manages the maintenance of plant

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Mustard plant - so manages the maintenance of plant

Mustard is a very undemanding plant.

Mustard plant - spices on the windowsill

More and more people have turned to grow vegetables and spices on a small scale on the terrace, the balcony or on the windowsill.

  • Besides, many plants such as watercress, tomato or the mustard plant can be easily used, so various aerial parts of the herb can be used in the kitchen.
  • the natural height of the mustard plant Here it depends to what sort it is. Black mustard reaches a height of up to 1.80 m, while Brown Mustard reached one meter. The smallest version of this case represents the white mustard with 70 cm plant height.
  • Mustard plants you can use varied for the preparation of salads, with the cotyledons or stems of the mustard plant can be processed with. have doing this, you can consult with mustard plants, cress and Co. a little spice corner in the home or in the garden, from which you can use again and again if necessary. Moreover, it is no longer fresh when cut directly from the garden, or of the plant, the spice to consume them in the salad, cream cheese or bread.

cultivate and supply mustard correctly

Since the mustard plant, regarding similar cress, very undemanding. Of soil conditions, you can easily germinate a mustard plant and use following the germination well.

  1. Place a cellulose paper towels in a small bowl and moisten it with water.
  2. Put at least a mustard seed on the damp cloth and make sure that the mustard seed on the lower half much exposure to damp kitchen towel has, if necessary, you crumple the moist cellulose slightly to the lower half of the mustard seed.
  3. Make sure that the mustard seed, and the cloth remains consistently moist, so that the water soak into the grain and thus the germination can also trigger. It is enough to keep moist the dish at room temperature.
  4. Once within a few days the germination is initiated, keep the germinated grain of mustard for about 5-7 days in the shell until a small mustard plant has developed.
  5. After planting the young mustard plant in a pot with drainage, which you can use any soil or a substrate, because the mustard plant is very frugal.
  6. Ask so that it prospers the developing mustard plant strong and healthy to a bright and sunny site.
  7. In June-August, depending on the weather, the mustard plant then forms yellow flowers that if can finished flowering, developed the coveted mustard seed, which can be found and grind to mustard or crushed.
  8. In the event that the mustard plant is very large, you should bind to protect to a bamboo stick, otherwise the wind could bend it the main engines.

Try using mustard seeds, the cultivation of mustard plants, so you can make your own mustard. In addition, the mustard plant is a pretty spice plant, which also largely can completely processed in the kitchen with the different plant parts.

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