Musty smell in the apartment - so you get rid of him

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Musty smell in the apartment - so you get rid of him

Help, if it smells like it

Musty smell has always a reason

Everything has a cause, and musty smell in an apartment. Even if the advertising promises another, chemical agents are worthless if you can not find and eliminate the cause of the smell in the apartment. Possible causes are as follows.

  • Very often not produced musty smell in the apartment, but in the sewer system. Here are dry traps the main cause, but also disused sewer lines, which have not been closed properly. Many housewives think that it is good to let it dry unused drains or toilets, so that the water therein will not rot and stink. Drying siphons, then sewer gases to penetrate and there is a musty and sometimes foul smell in the apartment.
  • Damp walls are also often a reason that musty smell arises. Look for wet spots or mold spots.
  • Another possible reason that musty odor arises in the home, are single rotten onions or potatoes, which can sometimes be present in freshly purchased goods. You should also consider whether any food could be slipped on a hidden spot and rot there. Especially when children or pets are in the house, they can while playing rolling foods, such as potatoes, apples, onions and the like, have shipped in hard to reach places.
  • Even dog and cat baskets, carpeting or upholstered furniture can be the source of the odor. Particularly woolens tend to secrete a musty odor when wet.

Finding cause in the apartment

  • Ventilate the room in which you perceive the smell, thoroughly and pay attention after airing out where the smell is created first. So they can narrow the field.
  • Go a smell always immediately if you notice this. Often take a smell when entering the apartment is true and after a short time, it disappears. Unfortunately, it is so that you quickly get used to the smell and can perceive him, therefore, no longer. Go smell therefore always immediately after.

Musty odor apartment - so you defeat him permanently

  • Make it a practice to periodically flush out all drains once a week with water. Enter into a few drops of orange or lemon oil. A Orange cleaners ensures good smell in the apartment.
  • Check if there are disused drains. If you have some in the apartment, you must with lids that have a seal, seal. Ask commercially thereafter.
  • If the drains are dry again and after a short time again comes out musty smell from you, then the ventilation of the sewage system is out of order. This is a structural measure. So if this is not your house, you have to ask the owner to provide a vent. The release of sewage lines is mandatory! Until the elimination of the defect, you can only fill always water in the drains.
  • Damp walls you can get by properly ventilating and heating of rooms in the handle, as long as no construction defects are present. Avoid heat spaces in constant change and to allow to cool and ventilate several times a day with the windows wide open.
  • Should musty odor caused by rotting food, you have to search for and dispose. When buying fresh fruits and vegetables, whether shortly thereafter a musty smell in the apartment occurs. Then they probably bought something Spoiled.
  • If you have furniture or carpets suspected to be the cause, you should wash them, if possible, or cleaned with a spray extraction. You should, after working with the device with detergent, fill this with water to which you have added a few tropical citrus oil and clean again. That ensures a fresh smell. Be sure to move any laminate floor to a carpet that is not cleaned thoroughly and dry.

Further measures for a good scent in the apartment

  • Avoid room sprays and air fresheners. These cover bad smells only and often contain toxic substances. Also, many people react with allergies on it. Headache, leaden fatigue, shortness of breath and bloodshot eyes are often attributed to these products.
  • Insert a few cloves in a lemon or an orange, and present this as an air freshener in the apartment, which works wonders.
  • If you are cooking strong smelling foods like cabbage, you should keep closed the lid of the pot. Well it is if you clamp a cloth soaked with vinegar towel between the lid and the pot. Ventilate during and after cooking well. The result from this source no musty smell.
  • Heat cinnamon, sage or cloves on a stove, too, is a killer of a musty odor in the apartment.
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