My PayPal account balance - so you can keep track

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My PayPal account balance - so you can keep track

check account balance with PayPal

To check your balance

PayPal has decoupled from eBay and is now an independent company. You can shop at eBay with PayPal but still. Only the surface has changed, so that you, the following steps will certainly help when checking the account balance.

1. Log in to PayPal. To access "My PayPal account balance", go to the website of PayPal. and log in with your email address and password.

My PayPal account balance - so you can keep track

Log in to PayPal. Alexandra Sensburg

2. My PayPal account balance. Now the summary page opens with the account balance, recent bookings, hinterlegtem bank account information to the credit card, and more. Click the points that interest you.

My PayPal account balance - so you can keep track

Account Overview of PayPal Alexandra Sensburg

3. Check your account activity. Click above in the overview on the "Activities". Now you can see all bookings that you have made in. Use the filters that are available to you. You can check detailed list for example entries by time and nature of reservations and view the respective customer number.

My PayPal account balance - so you can keep track

In the overview of account activity numerous filters are available Alexandra Sensburg

4. Account Summary on the go. Call. With your device, for example, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and enter PayPal in the search box PayPal mobile now offers similar comprehensive reviews as you are used to from this PC.

My PayPal account balance - so you can keep track

use PayPal on the go, for example, with Android or iOS Alexandra Sensburg

Other options for account management at PayPal

They have many other ways to manage your PayPal account. So you can send and receive money, fill the PayPal balance or transfer funds to your bank account. Come again not fend for themselves, you can call the customer service of PayPal, which can help you on all important issues to your virtual account.

Charging 1. balances manually. Click to manually transfer to "cash deposit". Now the bank and the purpose appears. Transfer the desired amount of your deposit with PayPal bank account.

My PayPal account balance - so you can keep track

manually charging money Alexandra Sensburg

2. Via giropay charge. Click "Deposit With giropay" in the menu and you will be redirected to giropay. From there, an automated online banking payment is executed.

My PayPal account balance - so you can keep track

Balances via giropay charge Alexandra Sensburg

3. withdraw money. If you click "Withdraw funds" on the menu item, you are taken to a form. Enter the amount that is to be booked from your account balance to your bank account.

My PayPal account balance - so you can keep track

Book PayPal balance on bank account Alexandra Sensburg

4. Contact customer service. To contact the customer service, go the bottom left of the menu item "Contact" and click on "Call us". Now a popup window will open with the PayPal phone number and a pin number. The PIN is required for your call.

My PayPal account balance - so you can keep track

PayPal Contact Alexandra Sensburg

PayPal has enabled its customers due to the intuitive menu on the homepage and in the apps, quick and easy to get an account summary. Since regularly always are fraudulent e-mails circulating, claiming to be from PayPal, it is safer to check the balance of always on the original website or app and not log on the links in the emails.

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