Nasturtium tincture - so make them ourselves

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Nasturtium tincture - so make them ourselves

Ask from nasturtium healthy tincture ago. HDVolz / Pixelio

The nasturtium tincture can be prepared easily. It helps in recovery and support your immune system.

Nasturtium tincture - manufacturing

  1. Picking for the tincture flowers and leaves of nasturtium.
  2. Fill them only loosely into a sealable glass until it is full.
  3. Poke then with a mortar or a wooden spoon watercress.
  4. Now fill clear alcohol such as vodka on it. For every 100 grams of watercress pour 1/4 liter of alcohol.
  5. Let the tincture are some two to four weeks in the dark and shake it every now and then by.
  6. Pour everything. Through a cloth and fill the tincture in dark bottles from it if you use bottle with dropper, because as the nasturtium tincture can better dose is best.

To use nasturtium tincture and plant

  • The tincture of nasturtium you can apply for the prevention and incipient colds. Take it twice a day thirty drops a.
  • Do you have dandruff, you spread some of the tincture in your hair and then rinse it with clean water again.
  • The leaves and flowers of the watercress you can chew at the beginning of a cold. They taste something sharp, like radishes.
  • Also to salads, you can add thereto the Capuchins. Simply cut small flowers and leaves and season the salad with it.
  • A further possibility to consume this plant is, on a bread. Butter for the bread with cream cheese and sprinkle chopped blossoms and leaves it.

However, make sure that you consume too much nasturtium, as this may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

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