Nathan the Wise - the characterization succeed so

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Nathan the Wise - the characterization succeed so

Lessing's books are ancient classics.

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing has his drama "Nathan the Wise" written in the 18th century. It takes place in Jerusalem during the time of a ceasefire in the 3rd crusade (12th century). In one characterization you must represent the main theme of the drama, namely dieToleranz against dissenters. Here you will find instructions on how to make the characterization of the namesakes of the piece, "Nathan" and his convictions.

A characterization of Lessing's play is not difficult

  1. Your characterization of "Nathan the Wise" You should start with a brief summary of the plot, in which you are the kinship relationships between the principal, the Jewish merchant Nathan, his Muslim adopted daughter Recha and their Christian erzogenem brother.
  2. Instruct your characterization of "Nathan the Wise" subsequently suggests that any religion Lessing wanted to give preference.
  3. Lift for especially the conversation between Nathan and the ruling in Jerusalem Sultan out who wants to know of Nathan, which was the right religion.
  4. Now you have the famous ring parable explained (see below), with Nathan the way this situation rescues.
  5. For the characterization of "Nathan the Wise", you should then go to the fact that the playwright Lessing took up with this Ringparabel a red-hot even at the time of the Enlightenment theme.
  6. Close the characterization then with your personal opinion from.

Explain the ring parable of "Nathan the Wise"

  1. Point out that the Ringparabel the core of the characterization of "Nathan the Wise" is.
  2. Briefly review the contents of a Ringparabel, namely that a father should give a ring to one of his three sons, who will for generations passed the favorite son in the family. The father can make two copies, so that all children get a ring and no more then know which is the real ring.
  3. Analyze Now that all three rings are symbolic of the three monotheistic religions.
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