Navel piercing - pro and con arguments weigh

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Navel piercing - pro and con arguments weigh

Navel piercings are a dazzling eye-catcher. claudilie / Pixelio

Navel piercing as an enrichment of everyday life

  • With a plug in the navel, you are guaranteed a looker. Whether on the beach, giving the sauna or in the summer, the colorful little hearts, stars and flowers a sexy outfit the finishing touch. In jewelery you can find a wide range of different connectors, so you can vary over again. Do not stand so much in the spotlight, this body jewelry is not a good choice.
  • If you opt for a navel piercing, your tummy should be flat and toned. Do they want to present the jewelry impressive, you may enter Speckrollen no chance. Consider the plug so as a means to defeat your weaker self.
  • You learn belly dancing or love the candy-colored Bollywood films? For public or completely private performances of teasing body jewelry is ideal. Along with oriental fabrics and exotic movements comes your midsection then even better advantage.
  • Are you still looking for a sexy surprise for your partner, a navel piercing could be the right gift exactly. Combine it with nipple jewelry and / or ringing anklets, the lingerie of course, remain in the closet. Is your love life asleep something a striking plug in the right place can bring new life into the bedroom.

Potential disadvantages of body decoration

  • Piercings of any kind are permanent. Even if you decide to let grow the hole again, a small scar will remain. The jump is associated with pain. Depending on how sensitive to pain you are, which can sometimes more, sometimes less hurt.
  • Of all the parts of the body that you can have a puncture, is the navel of the most problematic. Here the healing phase takes the longest because the stomach is constantly in motion. In addition, you need to carefully look after up to eight weeks to the wound by applying as antibacterial agents. Avoid contact with cosmetics, chlorinated water and perspiration. Limit your movement, to sports and tight clothes you should also go without.
  • Even if you have done everything right, your piercing may ignite. Then you will not be around a doctor's visit.
  • Owner of such piercings often complain that they remain with their trinkets hanging on the clothes. To enroll and take off, so you should take special care to ensure that the jewelry is not torn.
  • If you work in more conservative professions, you need to remove your navel piercing because it can emerge under bodysuits, silk blouses or tight tops.

Are you not sure, first try of fake piercings. To get used to the feeling and find out if you have difficulties in everyday life with the jewelry.

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