Neutral - color and interesting facts about the lines

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Neutral - color and interesting facts about the lines

may differ Important Cable colors

The neutral and its function

Each power supply can be found the so-called outer conductor and the neutral conductor and the equally important protective conductor, which fulfills a safety function.

  • While the outer conductor current is a leader, flows through the neutral of the current speaking back when the circuit is closed.
  • The neutral is therefore as important as the current-carrying conductor, the outer conductor.
  • All neutral have the same electrical potential. That is, these are all connected in the same in the fuse box.

The cable colors for electrical lines

  • Just as with any other electrical lines also possesses the neutral one particular cable color.
  • The cable colors of the individual wires in an electric line to serve you to can distinguish better.
  • To be determined alone by the cable color capable to which line is.
  • The neutral conductor has blue cable color. In a three-wire electrical cable are usually the three cable colors black, blue and yellow-green.
  • The outer conductor has here the cable color black and the protective conductor cable Color Green.
  • Alone with the cable color, you can determine which is the line neutral so already.
  • This is very important for a rapid identification of the individual connections to electrical outlets or other electrical connections.
  • You can imagine, that compliance with the associated cable colors to identify the individual lines is very important and should be respected for each installation.
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