Nietzsche: God is dead - Declaration

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Nietzsche: God is dead - Declaration

Nietzsche declared the death of God.

Friedrich Nitzsche - an observer

  • The indignation of the faithful is great when Friedrich Nietzsche and his most famous saying "God is dead" are cited. Did the famous thinker initiate atheism and destroy faith?
  • With this assumption, it is merely a hasty general verdict. In fact, Nietzsche looked rather as an observer, who analyzed the events of his time and also the Christian church considered critical.
  • So most researchers now believe that Nietzsche was not among the supporters of the then very popular nihilism. He saw his idea rather than possibility of post-Christian morality.
  • So whether Nietzsche was actually an atheist, can not be conclusively clarified in hindsight well. His records enter through not one hundred percent information. However, this assumption derive from his famous phrase, is certainly not legitimate.

"God is dead" - understanding aids

  • The famous phrase "God is dead" can certainly not be interpreted in a sentence. But you can certainly include some considerations that lead to a better understanding of the issues.
  • The idea is not new. Even the theologian Hegel had pursued in his early years before a similar consideration. When Friedrich Nietzsche speaks of the death of God, he says, especially that due to numerous developments, the idea of ​​God in the modern world seems implausible.
  • It is obvious: Currently Nietzsche science has already made impressive progress. This meant that the Christian world had survived. occurs in its place the idea of ​​the "superman".
  • But this death of God does not necessarily mean something good: In addition to some free spirits who certainly benefit from this idea for other means a world without God confusion and gloom.
  • The morality plays a big role for Friedrich Nietzsche in this context. But he criticized not only the existing morality, but the ruling "moralities" itself -. Here it refers primarily to the Christian morality, which he regards as misguided.

You see: The interpretation of the famous phrase of Nietzsche is extremely complex. But it is worthwhile to deal even with the reading.

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