Night sweats in men - which provides a remedy

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Night sweats in men - which provides a remedy

Night sweats in men can have various causes

So you can avoid night sweats

  • Related products can promote night sweats in men and women. therefore particular, avoid before bedtime to benefit from cigarettes, alcohol and caffeinated beverages. Cigarettes or generally drug and other stimulants promote perspiration.
  • Try avoid unnecessary stress to your body. Do not go to sleep at different times - so try to maintain a consistent sleep schedule and sleeping at least 7 hours.
  • Try to go out of the way before bedtime stress situations. An exciting thriller or Thriller stimulates the organism must again and can promote night sweats.
  • Before going to sleep, you should treat yourself to a rest. Try turning off from everyday life and treat yourself to a relaxing bath, listen to soothing music or read a book.
  • The room temperature of the bedroom should be set between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius and the room should be well ventilated. Do not use synthetic bedding, use instead textiles made of pure cotton.
  • It is advisable to use a four-season duvet. Depending on the season, you can change the duvet.
  • Even oily and spicy food stimulates our metabolism and thus night sweats in men. therefore Refrain evening out and feed yourself balanced and healthy.
  • Whatever the cause, helping drinking sage tea against increased sweating.
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