Nightmares in Pregnancy - Tips

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Nightmares in Pregnancy - Tips

Pregnant often sleep poorly.

If you have a child, then this is for you of course a particularly exciting time. They look forward to the new small earthlings, but have the same concerns if all goes well and the baby is healthy. You might also have to deal intellectually often with the child and your fears associated with pregnancy and childbirth. In addition to the anticipation also include doubts and uncertainties about the months in which the child grows in her belly.

Dreams change during pregnancy

The dreams can occur both in the early stages of pregnancy and shortly before the birth.

  • In the beginning, it is primarily hormonal changes that make you more sensitive and sensitive. Your body is a hormone - progesterone - increasingly distributed and this affects your sleep.
  • They dream that is more because you go through more REM sleep at night. "REM" stands for "Rapid Eye Movement" (rapid eye movement) and alludes to the fact that it moves in a dream his eyes under the closed eyelid.
  • If you have more REM sleep, it's also likely that you dream more and more intense or that nightmares occur. In pregnancy, sleep is also rather light and wake up more often.
  • When you wake up at the end of a dream, you can then better to this recall, as if you had slept.
  • The closer the birth, the more is also expanding the abdomen. This can interfere with sleep as well, because it complicates the comfortable lounge chairs.
  • The effect is similar: you are a light sleeper, waking often and can easily remember by waking up to just dreamed.

The nightmares can rotate at the beginning especially to the upcoming changes and then later to the child itself. So dreaming about many pregnant women that the child something happens or that it has disappeared. Even if these things do of course fear, the dreams do not mean that this is actually happening. The dreams rather show that you are worried and have fears that you might daytime push aside.

What helps against the nightmares

  • It will surely help you if you do not keep your nightmares for themselves but talk to others about it. In addition to the partners are mainly midwives good contact.
  • You may speak in the Course childbirth with other moms about your problem. They are therefore not prevail by itself! Many expectant mothers are plagued by unpleasant dreams that can sometimes make really scared.
  • Even you yourself should deal a bit with the contents of nightmares. Interpret not too much in the contents into it, but slide the dreams the next morning not simply set aside.
  • Familiarize yourself instead prefer aware of the concerns you have with regard to pregnancy. If you during the day dealing with your concerns, then follow not this you in the night.
  • Writing down the nocturnal experiences helps them to reflect again. So Insert paper and pen next to the bed and write down after waking up, what you have dreamed.
  • You can also use the method of the reinterpretation of dreams. You think one of the dreams in pregnancy a good end, and imagine this before possible pictorially. As a result of the negative dream no longer appears.
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