Nm: nuts tighten - Tips

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Nm: nuts tighten - Tips

Tires are safe only tightened wheel nuts.

Nm - choose proper torque when tightening

  • Perhaps you are among the people who put the wheel nuts on the car itself. Then you should choose the correct torque. The torque is indicated in Nm (Newton meters).
  • If the torque is too low, can solve the wheels under certain circumstances. If the torque is too high, break down the wheel bolts.
  • The torque for your vehicle can be found usually in the operating manual of your car that you noticed when you buy the car. Otherwise you will receive the necessary information in your workshop or the manufacturer of the vehicle.
  • Most nuts are tightened with a torque of 100 Nm and 200 Nm. To adjust the exact value, you should use for tightening a torque wrench. Employ this after you have tightened the nuts manually.

Tips for nuts

  • You have selected the correct torque in Nm (Newton meters) when tightening the wheel nuts on the car and feel safe now. Not correct! The wheels should follow suit 50 km up to 100 km again. Also, please use the torque wrench or a tool with a similar function. This can be a pneumatic screwdriver or similar.
  • To prevent contact corrosion with nuts, it is recommended to use copper paste or grease and thus smear the nuts. Liberate before tightening the new bolts so the surface of eventual rust. To facilitate also the loosening of the nuts with flat tires, etc., and avoid higher costs for tire replacement.
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