Nokia 3210 - as you change the keypad

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Nokia 3210 - as you change the keypad

The keypad can be easily replaced if necessary. poppixx_gool / Pixelio

The Nokia 3210 at a Glance

The Nokia 3210 is now one of the older mobile phones which do not have the large number of different functions, such as smart phones of today. It was the time of its introduction, a very successful and modern mobile phone with which you can still have a lot of fun as collector of mobile phones or as a friend of old-school technologies.

  • The introduction of the Nokia 3210 was in 1999. It was at that time to the first mobile phone without an external antenna, which makes it looked visually elegant. It was the time of introduction to the mobile phones upmarket.
  • Can be used with this mobile phone, the basic functions of a mobile phone, which means that you have the possibilities to make phone calls and write SMS.
  • In the field of short messages, called SMS, the Nokia 3210 has especially emphasized one point: With this mobile phone, it was the first time the T9 function. Today belongs the writing aid for short messages to the general standard. At that time, however, this function was part of the luxury equipment of a mobile phone.
  • Even the appearance of your mobile phone, you could change with the Nokia 3210 for the first time. The removable trays, you have the opportunity to give your phone a different look.
  • The models for the Asian market already had at that time a vibrator in mobile. This could be built relatively quickly afterwards with a little technical understanding and are integrated into the firmware.

To change the keypad on your Nokia 3210

Through a series of removable upper and lower shells, the Nokia 3210 could be changed in appearance and thus adapted to the personal taste of the user. But not only the shells can be changed, but also the keypad. Every now and then this may be necessary, particularly with frequent use.

  1. On the back bottom of the device is an elongated button. Press this button and the trays can be moved, or solve.
  2. Once you have removed the shells from the holders, you can now remove the key pad is now loose on the front.
  3. Place the new keypad to the place from which you have the old station. Make sure that the keys are on the contacts.
  4. Then place the upper shell on the page, making sure that the keys are pressed through the respective openings. The tray snaps into place when positioned properly. Then insert the lower shell, and snap it into place.

Although the Nokia 3210 is already an outdated device, you can use it in good condition still, to make phone calls and send SMS.

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