Non-Newtonian fluid Recipe - experiments with water and starch itself perform

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Non-Newtonian fluid Recipe - experiments with water and starch itself perform

All you need for the experiments.

Newtonian fluid and anomalviskoses

  • A Newtonian fluid has a linear, non-elastic flow. In other words, it does not matter if you pour it fast or slow, or if you propose in fast or slow, the liquid behaves always the same. This is what is called a normal viscosity.
  • A anomalviskose liquid behaves differently depending on whether they will suddenly plunge in with force or if you place your hands slowly in this. Usually there are dispersions, ie mixtures of solids and liquid, can exhibit this behavior. Houses standing on quicksand can, as long as stable stand on it until a tremor shook the mixture, and it becomes a liquid. At home, everyone knows the abnormal behavior of ketchup, which is obviously determined times and then suddenly flows as slug from the bottle.

Recipe for a non-toxic liquid anomalviskose

  1. For the following experiment, it is important that you take a strength that is not soluble in cold water and not gelatinized. Flour is therefore unsuitable. This works best recipe with cornstarch.
  2. Enter the water in a bowl. slowly stirring a strength.
  3. Beat with a spoon on the ground. This should spring back. Put it on the ground. He must sink. If that does not work, you still need to stir a little more strength.

Some experiments with the solid liquid

Show now that your recipe has not generated Newtonian fluid. The substance, which have made it is, sometimes solid and sometimes liquid.

  • Leave the spoon sink into the liquid. Pull him quickly. The liquid is fixed there and lift the whole bowl high. Make a game of it, who can pull out of the ground the spoon fastest.
  • Beat with a flat hand on it. It feels like a solid, elastic mass. Let the hand on it, and push it gently down further. You will penetrate into the liquid.
  • Most impressive is when you grab with both hands in the liquid and form a part of a sphere. As long as you knead it vigorously, you can remove the "strength Ball" from the crowd. Once you stop kneading, the ball melts again.
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