Nordmann fir needling - you can do

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Nordmann fir needling - you can do

Nordmann firs have soft needles. Sabine Geissler / Pixelio

The Nordmann fir or pine Caucasus is high is a good location for hundreds of years old and up to 60 meters. In this country, it is mainly grown in plantations in order to sell them later as a Christmas tree, but also for your own garden, it is suitable. Here, however, the enormous size should be taken into account, which may reach the fir over the years.

Reasons why a tree needling

  • A Nordmann fir grows best in a sunny or partially shaded place. At this location, it should be airy, so that in the summer can not accumulate the heat there. Very high temperatures can withstand this tree poorly and then needling quickly. He is sensitive to very dry or polluted air.
  • A young tree, you just planted only, you need to provide in the first period with plenty of water. However, over time, it forms a long taproot, with which they can absorb water from deeper layers and can thus provide good alone.
  • The Nordmann fir is also green in winter and therefore needs - enough even water - like all evergreens. In dry periods, you should pour your fir in winter, but only on days when the temperature is above freezing.
  • To ensure that your Christmas tree with all the necessary nutrients is supplied, you should pay one give some conifers fertilizer twice a year.

The Nordmann fir as a Christmas tree

One of the most popular Christmas trees is the Nordmann fir, because they look good and do not sting their soft needles. They also do not needling as fast as other trees.

  • A Nordmann fir for use as a Christmas tree, you can buy with or without rootball. If you want to plant the tree after the holidays, but you should make absolutely sure that he was pulled in a pot.
  • Get used to your Christmas tree slowly to the heat in the house, by placing it after purchase initially in a cool location such as the garage or the stairwell.
  • For your Christmas tree not needling, you need to provide him with plenty of water. Pour therefore daily him.
  • The warm air in the rooms, the needles dry out and fall off quickly. To prevent this, you can spray the branches daily and place the tree as far away from the heater.
  • If you want to plant your Nordmanntanne after Christmas in the garden, you should turn the tree get used to the cold. Ask him. On the terrace or in the garage until the soil is frost-free again, so you can plant it
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