North German boy name - as the selection of a suitable name can succeed

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North German boy name - as the selection of a suitable name can succeed

Finding a matching boy name, is not so difficult. Wilhelmine_Wulff / Pixelio

Names one of Norddeutsche knows

Finding a suitable name for the expected new arrival, is not always easy.

  • If parents expecting a baby, you will be spoiled for choice when naming. Some parents are geared to celebrities, others to film heroes and others use from the list of the most popular first names. But increasingly, parents choose now back traditional names, of which there are already some have now managed in the popularity lists.
  • In addition to name, who are elected in Northern Germany as well as in southern Germany, there are also regional differences. As typical North German example names like Carsten, Klaas, Lasse or Jörn apply.

Find the Right Boy Names

If you want to stay in Northern Germany and find a suitable boy name for your son, you have several options.

  • Looking for matching North German names you can first browse through the family past. If your family have long settled in the north, you will certainly find and can thus also allowed to continue the family tradition or revive.
  • Want to know more about the meaning of possible names for boys, because you want to give a very special desire to take along your child in this way, there are books or lists with the North German names that explain where they come from and what they mean. So Fiete is for example the common Frisian form of Friedrich, which in turn as much as "the kingdom of peace" means.
  • A mine can also be the literature, especially if you are self-literature lovers. Browse you. In the northern German fairy tales and legends or in the books of Theodor Storm and other writers from the north and select the name of your favorite hero from a novel, a story, a children's book or a poem Also sea shanties or folk songs and stories in Low German can possibly serve as inspiration.
  • Ideally, however, should not bite first and last name, but fit together well. So check carefully that it how both sounds together. If your family is taken only a couple of years or decades in the far north and you are blessed with a typical Bavarian, Austrian or Swabian surname, a North German boy name is not necessarily suitable for fitting as Kevin Detje to Fiete Friesenbichler not listen to ,

When naming so you should keep a few things, then it is to find a suitable name for Filius.

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