Norway - tips and suggestions for a fishing trip

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A scenic idyll, perfect for a relaxing holiday. Klaus-Peter_König / Pixelio

Fishing in Norway

Especially the region between Kristiansand and Sandefjord is for a fishing vacation as created. The area is very popular and is not yet overcrowded.

  • Would you like to go fishing on the banks of the open sea or fishing in the fjords, you do not need a fishing license.
  • You want to fish in freshwater? Then you need a local fishing license, called Fiskekort, available at local newsstands, in the Tourism Office or at the campsite.
  • Norway is known for its numerous salmon grounds. To fish for salmon or sea trout, you should start your fishing holiday with the state fishing license equip (Fiskeravgift). These are available for a fee at any post office.
  • The Langesund in Norway is ideal for deep-sea fishing. With a little luck you succeed in this area, a record-breaking catch.
  • The weather in Norway is much better than its reputation, because the many archipelago offer a sheltered place at the shore fishing.

Which fish are native to southern Norway?

  • The average 40 - 50 cm wide Köhler is a common fish in the southern region. In spring pull gigantic swarms in the fjords. fishing Köhler is expected to be at this time to a sense of achievement.
  • If you want to catch a cod, you should plan your trip in the spring, because then chases the fish near the coast crabs. Will it be warmer, he retreats into deeper waters.
  • When deep-sea fishing, you could compete with some Lengs or Lumbs the boat home. The best period is from June to October.
  • Flatfish are plentiful in Southern Norway. Flounder, dab, plaice, witch and maybe you are lucky enough to catch a turbot? In sandy coves, the flatfish drive particularly happy about.
  • In June to into October you could get a hake. Throw in sheltered, somewhat sandy coves your rod, here he likes hanging around.
  • In the merry month of May, you should get the best period for sea trout. Take the early morning or late at night, which increases your chances of success dramatically.
  • The Pollack lets you fish relatively targeted. From the end of April, see him around cliffs.

Norway is a paradise for fishermen. It does not matter if you hold the fishing pole for the first time in hand or if you are a seasoned pro. The fantastic landscape and the relatively short journey way over Denmark allow a vacation that quickly blows you the stress of everyday life from the soul.

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