Norwegian Forest Cat as Hybrid - Find out more about attitude and handling

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Norwegian Forest Cat as Hybrid - Find out more about attitude and handling

Norwegian Forest Cats have long fur.

Even if your Norwegian Forest Cat is a hybrid, the animal often has the typical appearance and the character traits of a purebred cat.

keep Norwegian Forest Cat correctly

  • Norwegians, as the cats are affectionately called, are affectionate and playful pets. That you should use to get a quick bond with the animal. Although the room is quite large and Tiger through his fur often seems even greater, he has an uncomplicated character.
  • Thus, the Norwegian Forest Cat can play and run around enough as hybrid, you should have as large a scratching post. Even cat toys should not be missed. The animals will love to play with you and run through your home.
  • Feed them best with a high-quality wet food and offer you every day in addition a special dry food for big cats to. In this dry food, the morsels of food are larger than conventional food, so you can do something for the dental care of your Norwegian simultaneously.

Grooming with the Mongrel

  • This half-long-haired cats also have a mixed breed, a longer coat than normal domestic cats and therefore need your help with grooming. For Comb best to take a fur brush and a special comb for long-haired cats.
  • Since your Stubentiger spending time with his grooming, it is sufficient if you turn him in addition or comb twice a week. Then take a half an hour for it and use this opportunity for a few extra pats.

Proper healthcare for Norwegians

  • If your Mongrel also allowed into the open, then you should protect it with a parasite products against ticks and fleas before. This is the most reliable with a Spot-On, you sprinkle the cat's neck fur.
  • To protect the Stubentiger against worms, you should get a worming with a veterinarian. The doctor may also call the exact intervals at which the cure has to be performed again.

For safety, have chipped your pet to the vet and register the pet register, because it can be assigned to you when it should run away again.

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