Nose piercing - Maintain the hole

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Nose piercing - Maintain the hole

Nose piercings are an ancient form of body decoration.

Nose piercing - the Solten you know

  • If you want to have a nose piercing, you should look for a suitable piercing studio once. Prices for a piercing on the nose can vary significantly.
  • However, in terms of hygiene, you should make no compromises. Because the nose piercing a hole is pierced in the septum or in one of the nostrils. The result is an open wound that can ignite. Choose a piercer who uses only sterile disposable needles for your nose piercing.
  • Opt for a so-called Nostril - piercing, is the most selected variant in which a hole is either engraved into the right or left nostril.
  • Another variation is the septum - piercing. Here, the nosepiece is pierced. In this variant of the nose piercing, a small nose ring is usually worn.
  • The first piercing after the sting nostril is used to pierce directly from the piercer and may be replaced only after complete healing of the wound.
  • The piercing of the hole in the nose can do quite painful, because in the area of ​​your nose run very many nerves.
  • Until the hole healed well, it may take eight weeks depending on the four to even. Remove the piercing of the hole, it grows back completely. It usually remains only a very small scar.

To maintain your hole in the nose

  • Because it can happen after a stinging nose piercings cause swelling, you should cool your nose. Well suited are small cooling packs that you should again have a few minutes to the nose. Wrap before holding the cooling pack with a cloth it on the nose to prevent chilling injury.
  • You should disinfect your piercing hole daily. Rotate and move your piercing each day and use to disinfect a skin disinfectant from piercer or from the pharmacy. Before cleaning the wound on your nose, you should wash your hands and disinfect with a hand disinfectant spray.
  • In the first three to four weeks you should not face cream, makeup, solarium, sauna and swimming pool out because of the danger of infection.
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