Nose Strips - so get rid of blackheads

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Nose Strips - so get rid of blackheads

Nasal strips can provide clearer skin.

get Nose Strips

  • Nose Strips against blackheads you should not be confused with those that help against snoring or rid the nose of inner blockages. So check when buying back exactly to this check.
  • Cleaning Leaders there are for example also for the chin or forehead. But Keep yourself better to those that are made specifically for the nose. The shape of the strip, the individual zones of the nose are here better covered and can produce as well as more effective help to a pure skin.
  • In drugstores, supermarkets and many pharmacies are looking for help against blackheads quickly found.

Apply the aid against blackheads

Unless otherwise specified, the manufacturers are available, in principle, the following rules apply for use of the nasal strips.

  1. First, clean your face thoroughly with a cleansing gel.
  2. Then dry your skin with a clean towel well. If the nose Strip only stick on wet skin, you can Foreface either avoiding or at best after drying the entire facial skin nose moisten well again.
  3. Remove then the protective film from the nose strip.
  4. With up just yet protected side down glue the aid against blackheads on your nose and emphasize everything firmly.
  5. After about 10 minutes, then remove the nasal strip in one quick motion. In this way, more blackheads stick to the Strip generally.
  6. Finally, clean your nose again with tonic and a cotton pad.

By the way: Nose Strips indeed help against blackheads, but not to correct pimples, here they can even harm. If you just have a pimple on the nose region, it makes sense to postpone the use of the strip until it is resolved.

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