Nose - that describes succeeds's with home remedies

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Nose - that describes succeeds's with home remedies

A liberating Nose oil you can easily do it yourself.

If there are times very warm, then again quite chilly days in spring or autumn, there is great danger that the immune system no longer comes along and it can get cold viruses in the nasal mucosa cozy. The nose swells or starts to run, because the body tries to fight the invaders and rid of. For those concerned which can be very distressing, especially when the rhinitis makes it hard to sleep at night the.

A nasal oil with essential oils you can again breathe freely

This oil blend of Cajeput-, lavender, lemon and pine needle oil soothes the nasal mucosa so that it subsides again and the airways are free. The oils also have a germicidal effect. You can easily make this nose oil itself. Make sure to use only 100 percent pure natural oils of good quality. Also check before applying please if you also take the essential oils. In susceptible individuals, there may be allergic reactions.

  • Fill as a carrier oil 10 milliliters extra virgin olive oil in a small amber glass bottle.
  • Enter four drops cajeput oil and one drop of lavender, lemon and pine needle oil to.
  • Cap the bottle well and swing it a few times back and forth, so that mix the oils well.
  • The final mixture should be stored in a cool, dark, then you can use at least one year.
  • If necessary, enter some of the nose and oil on a cotton swab or your little finger and rub it gently into both nostrils. You should soon feel like your airways are free again.

A free runny noses with acupressure

When acupressure certain points are massaged on the skin with gentle pressure to put in the body healing processes in motion. So there are also items that can have a liberating effect on the nose.

  • Visit his forefinger gently groping a pressure sensitive point directly laterally next to one of your nostrils.
  • Then press for about five minutes repeatedly carefully on this point.
  • Treat Also the other side next to your nose like that.
  • It may be that you are then tired because the acupressure also has a relaxing effect. Treat yourself therefore, if it is possible, after the treatment a short rest period.

Please note that this article can not replace a visit to a physician or medical practitioner. The application of the described here tips at your own risk.

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