not mark e-mail as read: Outlook 2010

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not mark e-mail as read: Outlook 2010

Outlook is an email client.

Uses Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is (as the name suggests) a work from the world famous company "Microsoft". The software solution is not just a modern email client, but provides you also a calendar and address module. You can also easily get several e-mail accounts with the program and also relatively easy to synchronize your data. The software is part of some office packages and can also be purchased as a single version. The basic functions of the software are easy to learn. Most users already do not know, but all the possibilities that are available in this program. Many Outlook 2010 users have a problem and do not know how they can not as a mark read emails. Are you one of this group, so can be solved relatively quickly your problem fortunately.

not mark an email as read

  1. Connect your computer to the Internet first, and then start the software Outlook 2010. You will find the program either from the Start menu or on your desktop.
  2. If you now open your Outlook, you need to "File" button, which is located in the top blue menu.
  3. Then select in this menu the "options" to change, among other options the emails.
  4. Now you have on the "read area" button, so that you can modify certain options specifically.
  5. Ultimately, you need to 'mark as read when selection changes "only the hook remove, where you click once on the hook, will be marked so that the data read from you emails" not read "back when.

If you have but adjusted the settings so that when you get an email, it will be directly labeled as read and you want this to undo, then you need to follow this path: "Tools" - "Options" - "Other" Remove hooks at "mark as read messages in the preview pane" - - "preview window". As you can see, the options in Outlook 2010 can be relatively easily adjusted.

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