Not ordered and reminder Amazon - so go right order

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Not ordered and reminder Amazon - so go right order

Unjustified reminders Amazon can be resolved quickly.

Reminder, although nothing was ordered

  1. You will receive a warning from Amazon, even though you have not ordered anything? This may be a fault in the system, although it should not happen, but as everyone knows, the exception proves the rule.
  2. Amazon is one of the most reputable stores on the internet and the gremlins can creep in even in the most reliable sometime.
  3. In order to clarify the facts, call either directly from Amazon or contact Customer Service by email. Tell the representative factually that you received a reminder even though you have not ordered anything. Note, however, to remain friendly, after all, the person can at the other end of the line for nothing.
  4. Also important is a balance, to find out when you have ordered from Amazon for the last time. Your account can you provide information. Perhaps it is also about an older order whose receipt by mistake was not recorded properly.

Ask for an explanation of Amazon

  1. If this is the case, you should take the statement of payment at hand and if necessary send him, via e-mail or fax to Amazon.
  2. Or maybe your account has been hacked. Look at your pasted addresses whether everything is correct. Should you something funny happens, share it with the customer and change in any case the password.
  3. Amazon is very accommodating, so also the clarification of a dubious reminder Amazon should not pose any problems.
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