Nothing but Ghosts? - An explanation of parapsychology

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Nothing but Ghosts?  - An explanation of parapsychology

Do you believe in ghosts? Danny_Maack / Pixelio

Nothing but Ghosts in parapsychology

Is parapsychology a pseudoscience and sees nothing but ghosts?

  • Translated, parapsychology and psychology comes from the Greek. The parapsychologists see themselves as a scientific research branch.
  • This line of research investigated psychic abilities and where they come from. The life after death is being investigated by you.
  • There are unexplained experiences that make people and are being explored. This includes paranormal, unusual and occult experiences.
  • It is all researched that does not fit supposedly from a physical, psychological and biological point of view into the scheme.
  • However, also belong to other abnormalities such as physical phenomena. This includes, for example: How trickles of sand or why the Earth has a magnetic field. Parapsychology thus provides more than ghosts.

Many scientists do not acknowledge this research method. But nothing can researchers continuing research hinder.

What asks parapsychology

Many people do not believe in parapsychology and certainly not in ghosts. Nothing but Ghosts do not exist in this area. There are clear research strategy, which pursues this psychology.

  • This includes the so-called extrasensory perception (ESP). It is the people, which is still unexplored in many parts of the brain. Researchers have nothing to get as many results as possible.
  • The question is examined whether there are some people who are able to take information out of the so-called sensory channels or even to pass.
  • Sensory channels is the subjective feeling that people take of all living beings, of stimuli and sensations, as well as the environment. Whether falling ghosts underneath, one can be as undecided.
  • Unusual phenomena contradict reality. Here is searched for explanatory models. This includes the called psychokinesis or telekinesis. It is the movement of objects that can be caused by mental action.

Although some experts can not do anything with parapsychology, even physicists believe in extraordinary phenomena.

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