Nursery emphasize - Ideas

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Nursery emphasize - Ideas

The wall decoration in the nursery should be creative and friendly.

The easiest way - highlight color

The easiest way to give the children's comfort, ease and friendliness, are colored walls. Swipe with toxin-free paints that are specially designed for children such as the Children's Room colors of Auro. For the nursery, choose light pastel shades like pink or light pastel green. Choose two well matching the colors. In the nursery, choose bright, cheerful colors. Strong shades like orange or green between a shade of cream give the room vibrancy.

Wall with wallpaper and fabrics

Instead of a wall color you can wallpaper the nursery. You will find cute child-friendly wallpaper with flowers or small figures in larger hardware stores. Tip: Select the flowers or patterns, because the child has more friends than at the Bears wallpaper. Curtains, upholstery and other fabrics in the nursery should harmonize with the wallpaper.

incorporated structures in the wall colors

With different effects you can conjure up a structure in the wall design. Simple ideas put to an effect glove. You get it wherever you can buy wall colors. Swipe with a bright wall color and work with the effect glove or the effect role in a darker tone structures. The fans, the interior design and looks alive.

Ideas for a thematic Wall

A thematic Wandgestaltung you work together with your child. Loves to dinosaurs, fairy tales or unicorns? Obtain the ideas of the child with. Paint for example a friendly dinosaur or a fairy tale castle on a free wall. Landscape with noctilucent Elf stickers or wall decals in addition the wall.

Painted plants in the nursery

No special theme follow painted trees and large plants in the nursery. Paint the trunk of the tree in a corner of the room and let his crown spread across the ceiling. Has the nursery a buttress, take this as root.

Creative painting wall in the nursery

Who has a creative child, can make this a painting wall for your own design available. Ask crayons, nontoxic water colors ready for children and stickers. The child may paint the wall on his own terms and make. Help only when the child asks.

The star-studded ceiling

The ceiling can be incorporated into the room design. Nicely are noctilucent star above the bed. Glue the star to the ceiling and let expire on the walls. This creates the feeling of sleeping in the midst of a starry sky.

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