NVIDIA GeForce 8200 - so update the driver,

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NVIDIA GeForce 8200 - so update the driver,

The drivers for the NVIDIA graphics card GeForce 8200 you can update in several ways.

Update Driver in Windows Vista and Windows 7

On Windows Vista and Windows 7, most graphics cards are detected automatically, so you can update them via the Device Manager quickly and easily.

  1. You only need to click "Start", right-click on the entry "Computer" and then perform "Properties" from the context menu option.
  2. This opens an overview of your system, where you can read, among other things your operating system or processor power. Click there in the upper left corner on the "Device Manager" and then close again optional overview page.
  3. Once Device Manager is open, you make about the middle double-click on "video card".
  4. Click with the right mouse button on "NVIDIA GeForce 8200" and select "Update Driver Software" from.
  5. Then select the top option "automatically for updated ..." and wait until the search and the subsequent installation are completed. It is short term Your screen black.
  6. Then click on the bottom right, click "Close" and restart your PC with "Yes" in order for the update can be adopted.

8200 Update NVIDIA GeForce via download

Alternatively, you can leave the 8200 Driver for your NVIDIA GeForce also update on the NVIDIA site.

  1. Call for the first NVIDIA Web site in your Web browser.
  2. Then click the top menu on "Support" and then on the top right in "Driver Downloads" on "More Info".
  3. Change the value to the right of "product line" to "GeForce 8 Series" and then choose among them with "Family", select "GeForce 8200" from.
  4. Adjust including in "operating system" to select your operating system. Pay attention to the correct bit indication.
  5. Then click right below on the button "Search".
  6. Once the driver page loaded for your video card, you will find near the top the download button "Download now". Click this and then click "Accept and Download". You may have to then accept the download in your browser or specify the download directory. The download file is about 200 MB in size, so downloading will take several minutes.
  7. When the download is complete, open the .exe file and run the installation of the software and the driver through. This can also take a few minutes, your screen and due to the update is in between black and you then need to restart your computer.
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