OBI premiums - save money as a registered customer

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OBI premiums - save money as a registered customer

For tool purchase OBI can be obtained as a registered customer financial bonuses. Didier_Derrien / Pixelio

At OBI a wide choice is available

  • In the OBI markets, which are established in almost every major city, you will find a wide range of DIY materials, bathroom and sanitary products and technical equipment, but also to the furnishings for their own four walls.
  • Even products around the car or your bicycle can be found at this dealer, as well as garden furniture, barbecue equipment and a wide range of tools.
  • Some markets is also connected a garden center where you can purchase flowers for your own garden or balcony, but also for your living room. Also seeds, fruit trees and vegetables are available here from time to time. Put buying the OBI top customer card present, the purchase amount will be saved on this and taken into account in the later payment of monetary rewards.

As a customer benefit from premiums

  • When applying for OBI top customer card, you benefit from a wide range of benefits. Insert the card with every purchase before, so any amount is stored on it. Have you achieved an annual turnover of at least 1,500 euros, you get a credit of 3 percent, which accounts for at least 45 Euro. This cash reward you get listed as a voucher, which you can redeem on your next purchase.
  • Achieve a minimum turnover of EUR 2,500, the reimbursement is respectively at least 125 euros at 5 percent. For annual revenues of € 5,000 and more you will benefit from a rebate of 10 percent, at least 500 euros. In addition, you will receive in this case with any purchase in the following year instead of reimbursement an instant rebate of 10 percent of the purchase price.
  • No matter if you achieve a minimum turnover or not, you get to the top charge card not be offered further additional bonus offers, the normal buyers without membership card.
  • In addition, you also coupons will be sent at irregular intervals, which you can save up to 10 percent of the selling price of an item of your choice on your next purchase.
  • Special offers are offered as a top customer before the regular launch.
  • Also of not being allowed to borrow equipment without depositing a deposit benefit. Orders can be placed as a top customer - unlike normal buyers - Post in OBI spot even without a down payment.
  • The application and use of OBI Top customer card will cost you way a single cent.
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