Obuk doors - Overview

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Obuk doors - Overview

Select a door to match your house.

A front door should be not only safe, but also look good. Both you get when you opt for the manufacturer Obuk. You can choose from different colors and styles and adapt as your new front door to the appearance of your home. There are doors with and without glass elements, in different widths and heights and with different handles. Opt for a door from the Sortminent or configure your personal Obuk ​​entrance door with the configurator, which can be found on the homepage.

Obuk is a manufacturer of high quality front doors

  • High quality doors you get from numerous manufacturers. If you opt for Obuk, you have the choice of various designer doors, which you can customize the appearance of your home perfectly.
  • In range there are different designs, which are referred to by the manufacturer as a series. The four rows are named "perfect", "subtle", "artful" and "conscious". They differ in the material and the decoration of the surface used.

Configure your doors themselves

  • If you find any door in the designer series that you like, you can configure itself a model as desired. The performer who is provided free of charge on the website of the manufacturer, the configuration is very simple.
  • Choose from the different shapes, put on glasses, stuffing and handles in order to put together your dream door. The operation of the configurator is very simple. You can then save or order their compilation of one or more doors.

Before you place the order, you should check the dimensions again very closely. A front door that does not fit, can not be changed with respect to their dimensions.

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