Octopus - Octopus or not?

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Octopus - Octopus or not?

Its coloring the intelligent octopus is always well camouflaged.

Hidden sea life

The octopus is an octopus. He and his relatives live in almost every habitat in the sea. Some of them, including giant squid or vampire squid, even conquered the deep sea. The most familiar type of octopus, the Common octopus (Octopus vulgaris) You can also find in the cold North Sea as in the warm Mediterranean Sea.

Many squid are good swimmers that can also be found in the open sea. Not so the octopus, rather lead a quiet life on the seabed. They move with the aid of the suckers on her arms slowly, "climbing" continued. In case of danger, they can, thanks to a "rocket drive", to have any squid, but swim quickly away. For most of her short life - they are just 3 years old - they spend a loner hiding between crevices and niches. Only for mating they come together. Then the male over the female are a seed packet, called spermatophore. This fertilizes the females up to 150,000 eggs, which they then guarded and cared for a month later until hatching.

Kraken feed primarily predatory molluscs and other invertebrates and even catch smaller fish ball with their arms.

The cuttlefish is not a fish

Octopuses belong to a class that is named because of their appearance as cephalopods (Cephalopoda). In German, they are usually referred to as "Octopus". But they are really no fish. Rather, they belong to the group of molluscs or mollusks, including bivalves and gastropods are expected. Scientists call them about as Cuttlefish.

Octopuses belong to a subset of the squid, which are called eight-armed Cuttlefish. In contrast to the second group, the Zehnarmigen Cuttlefish them the pair lacks tentacles, also called tentacle.

An octopus has a baggy jacket. It contains the vital organs, including the large, highly efficient lens eyes. The usual for molluscs calcareous shell is almost completely regressed in most octopus species or absent. Octopuses have called a bird-like beak and for crushing prey serving rasp, radula. To the mouth around are arranged the eight arms of the octopus. Each arm has two rows of suckers, which are used for locomotion and for holding. In males of the arms is converted to a special copulatory organ.

The largest octopus is the giant octopus (Octopus Enter dofleini), which can be up to five meters long and 50 kilos. In contrast, the Common Octopus is only between one and three meters long and is significantly lighter, depending on the area of ​​distribution.

The recipe for success of Octopus: camouflage, deceive, be tricky

The group of Kraken has a whole range of tricks ready, they have made a real "success story" of evolution. There is for example the ability to adapt perfectly to the color of the seabed. Octopuses are true Tarnkünstler. Made possible by a variety of pigment cells in the skin. So that they can even communicate with each other.

Some species have perfected this skill of camouflage: The Carnival Octopus (Thaumoctopus mimicus) is a real quick-change artist and imitating other animals. His transformation repertoire include other octopus, flatfish, sea snakes and poisonous lionfish. This type of mimicry Masquerade is called and is so efficient that predators are on the run.

Some octopuses do not just as if they were another poisonous animal, they are really. Blue-ringed octopus produce a poison that is one of the most dangerous in the entire animal kingdom and even can kill people.

Amazing are the mental abilities of cephalopods. They are considered the most intelligent invertebrates and can be measured in some areas even with rats. In numerous experiments it was demonstrated that octopuses can locate prey in a maze accurately, although they can no longer see. They seem therefore to know where the loot is. In other experiments, researchers found the animals from a very different problem: They filled glass bottles with shrimp and korkten this to. The octopus quickly grasped how they open the bottle and could reach the "reward". From coconut octopus (Amphioctopus marginatus), we know that he gathers the remains of coconut shells and therefrom protection dwellings built - a behavior that is highly complex and requires the ability to schedule actions.

What you learn from this? Kraken love despite the name "octopus" Although be no fish, but they have some skills that go beyond the ordinary imagination. You are smarter than generally believed and master the art of disguise like no other creature.

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