Oil: problems for the environment - Interesting information

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Oil: problems for the environment - Interesting information

Catastrophic oil spill - no escape for birds

Carbon dioxide, not the only problem of oil

  • Climate change is directly related to the increased proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Petroleum - - Decisive factor for the surge of this substance, the burning of fossil fuels is to blame.
  • Consequentially, politicians strive for some time about the CO 2 emissions to minimize, simultaneously every year encouraged more liters of crude oil. Here are economic motivations faced by a sustainable policy. Oil brings accordingly also at the political level with an enormous potential for conflict. Fiercely discussed possible solutions for problems between environment and the economy are becoming commonplace - with often poorer result for the former.
  • Emerging economies such as China increase their competitiveness, by ignoring international environmental laws and burn oil products, without using appropriate filter pollutants.
  • In addition, the shortage of this valuable resource is increasing more and more, which further exacerbates the situation. This promotion measures despite increased risks further expanded and anyway maltreated Environment must put more setbacks: Ruthlessly new pipelines are built by nature reserves and endangered waters.

Other problems caused by oil

  • Approximately 100,000 tons of oil enter on average each year into the sea. This amount seems small compared to the massive 30 billion barrels, which are produced annually, but the effects are devastating.
  • Interestingly, not as expected the spectacular accidents when accidents involving large oil tankers or injuries on oil rigs, the main cause, but the land based mostly on rivers introduced share. Depending on the ecosystem, the oil for the various creatures is particularly deadly. These here are the coral reefs, go their chances of survival in case of pollution with oil to zero.
  • Similarly, almost all the animals that come into contact with the oil, hardly save. Birds, fish and other marine animals die en masse when again licking one of the larger oil tankers. Every few months, begins the desperate struggle of the animal rights activists against the nearly unstoppable oil masses on the new.

Neither the oil production still further processing of the crude oil is to unite at the moment with the desire of a sustainable policy. If continue to fall as many animals and plants that fuel to the victim and the people must wage war to the death, if the final inventories, one can speak in any way of a good source of energy. But a bright spot among all these problems arises yet, when one considers the limitations of oil into consideration. Thus, the energy suppliers have to change sooner or later to renewable energy, at the latest, when no more oil can be extracted.

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