Oil pulling perform properly with linseed oil - how it works

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Oil pulling perform properly with linseed oil - how it works

Oil pulling - a small amount of oil can make a difference.

Whether the oil pulling really helps, is not yet proven, but swear a lot of people on it. It was also found that it really helps to strengthen the immune system.

The implementation of the oil pulling with linseed oil

  1. Enter the morning in the fasting state (no water) a tablespoon of cold pressed linseed oil in the mouth. In children, the method is already, but you should use it only a teaspoon for oil pulling.
  2. You should now be the oil for about 15 minutes kept in the mouth. Drag the resulting oil through your teeth and suck. Take this oil, however, in no case.
  3. Also chew around on the oil and move your jaw. Do this but relaxed and not too much effort, because this can lead to muscle cramps. The linseed oil can also taste slightly bitter. If you do not want to take this purchase, then pick up, for example, back to oil.
  4. When the linseed oil has become runny and looks whitish, spit it out. Should there still be very yellowish, keep it still in his mouth. Rinse your mouth a few times with warm water and brush by yourself out teeth.
  5. You can also drag oil two to three times a day make if you want to enhance the effect.

What does the oil pulling

  • Oil pulling is a detoxification. By mixing of oil and saliva mucous membranes take on certain substances that have detoxifying and antibacterial.
  • The oil pulling can help with many ailments. These include many diseases, which you can read on the Internet. Usually the immune system is strengthened by the oil, however.
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