OK - spelling

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OK - spelling

With highly extended thumb you signal your Okay.

OK - Origin and Meaning of the word

Whether in America, Africa or Germany: The word "okay" to use today throughout the meaning of "all right". But where does the term? There are several explanations.

  • There is agreement among linguists that the term "ok" comes from the American English and the symbol "OK" or is "ok". According to the English pronunciation "kay" for the letter "K" it was the word "okay".
  • When and in what context the acronym was first used, is controversial. A common thesis is that the shortcut on the misspelling of originating from Germany American General Wilhelm von Steuben based. This knew the late 18th century during the American Revolution his correspondence supposedly to confirm the term "oll correct" - and meant "all correct" ( "all correct"). According to legend, the American military took over this concept and made it once the abbreviation "ok"
  • Another theory also comes from the military. Accordingly, the abbreviation "OK" in the soldiers' jargon for "Order Known" is ( "command heard and understood").
  • During the presidential campaign in the US in 1840 the acronym then was on everyone's lips. After his birth, the small American town Kinderhook, the candidate Martin Van Buren was nicknamed "Old Kinderhook". His followers then founded the "OK Club" and coined the catchy slogan "OK is ok"

The correct spelling in German

As different as the theories on the development of the word "okay" and its abbreviation are also the spellings.

  • In English, the abbreviation "OK" is written with two capital letters and without abbreviation points. However, this was not always so. Until the 20th century continued to two shortcut points to and wrote the letters sometimes large and sometimes small. In recent decades, the now famous spelling has prevailed - the trend of English following to waive shortcut points as well as in the title "Mr" ( "Lord") and "Mrs" ( "Woman"). the word is out to tender in English except at the beginning of a sentence always small.
  • In the German spelling Duden the term was in 1954 included - at that time only as uppercase main word "Okay" and the abbreviation with points ( "OK"). In 1967, the spelling was added by small letters, to take into account that the word is also used as an adverb.
  • This rule applies even today. As a noun phrase is very important and used incidentally neuter. It states: "The boss gave me the go-ahead / be OK." When used as an adverb (adverb), adding the term small: "It's all right / OK" or: "The boy is really okay / ok"
  • Abbreviation points are therefore always set the Germans during the abbreviated use of the term!
  • However, you must note that language is a living construct. The spelling rules take into account the usual in-speaking language - and in turn, is often influenced by other languages, especially English. It may therefore be that the Duden editors eventually acknowledges the English spelling without abbreviation points and it is then called in German: "That's perfectly okay."

Refrain best on the shortcut and write the word getting out - then the question is unnecessary after setting the shortcut points much longer the word is not.

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