Older Girls - so you dress classically modern

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Older Girls - so you dress classically modern

Older women can be sexy. Rainer Sturm / Pixelio

Older Girls always run only in costumes and blazers around in boring colors? Put an end to this prejudice! Below you will find two suggestions on how women can dress stylish and still be modern.

Older Girls - find the right styling

Older women do not always resort to costumes in everyday life. Read here how you can casually chic style and at the same time.

  1. In order not to have to dress stuffy than mature woman in everyday life, is suitable for a casual style a pair of jeans. This does not necessarily have the trendy tube section. see particularly nice jeans but from when you sit nicely at least at the bottom.
  2. Combine a pair of jeans with a thin, tight knit sweater. This should be a strong trend color such as blackberry or petroleum.
  3. To cover problem areas, wear over the top of a long, thin "knitted vest" or cardigan.
  4. You can complete the outfit with shoes with wedge heels. The high heels elongate the leg optically, the wedge shape of the paragraphs still makes for a perfect fit.

Classically modern - so you find suitable evening wear

In the evening wear to mature women should not be confined to a colorless costume also. Select rather feminine-elegant fashion.

  1. Older women should engage in evening wear to a fancy dress. This should be either long or up to the knee.
  2. Pick a color that is available and likes. Do not use bright colors such as pink or turquoise.
  3. Combine strapless or sleeveless evening dresses with a bolero or a thin sweater. If the dress has a bold color, the jacket should best be black.
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