Oleander winterize - so you overwinter the potted plant correctly

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Oleander winterize - so you overwinter the potted plant correctly

Your Oleander as a container plant needs a winter home.

Your Oleander requires prudent care

The oleander is a so-called Stark devourer. This means that it needs special care. If you make your plant winterizing, you should consider this course.

  • The Oleander consumes a lot of water, so you should water it regularly penetrating. Too little watering the plant reacts with a leaf loss. Specifically, this then goes out from the center of the pot.
  • In winter it may be but less water.
  • Observe before wintering also the quirlförmig arranged leaves. Should these abound turn yellow, be sure to help out with fertilizer. In winter quarters this should however not be implemented.

To get your plants for winter

The oleander is a demanding plant. If you cultivate it as a container plant, you should make him accordingly winterized. As winter quarters are, bright rooms with cold temperatures.

  • Your room temperature should be between five and ten degrees Celsius to hibernate the Oleander ideal. Therefore, offer it to garages or basements.
  • Corresponding temperatures protect it from attack by spider mites. This is important because this would the Oleander suck the sap.
  • You should also put in the winter on a natural light reference. Accommodation near a window protects your plant from etiolation.
  • Otherwise, the greenhouse is looking for a ray of light, which can manifest itself in uncoordinated growth in length.
  • Although many types brave the cold temperatures in the winter, you should avoid frosty conditions and make the Oleander security winterized sake.
  • Provide also a good humidity in his winter quarters.
  • Incidentally, you should examine your plant at regular intervals on scale insects. A loosened soil and wiping the leaves will help you here.

Before winterize at his winter location placing the Oleander, you should cut it. Then he governs his care more effectively and get the time no large plant. In addition, you naturally also helps a plant protection fleece for storage during the winter months.

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