Olive oil for the face - Beauty Tips

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Olive oil for the face - Beauty Tips

Olive oil can also be used for the face.

Use Pure olive oil for the skin

  • If you want to use olive oil for the face, then you should give it to a cotton pad first. It is advantageous if the product has room temperature. Following this move the cotton pad just above your skin away.
  • Alternatively, you can also enter directly into the palms and then spread on the face, by massaging it. Half a teaspoon should fully enough to make your skin smooth. Your hands you maintain in this way directly.

For face, you can also refine the oil

it if you can refine the oil using St. John's wort is particularly advantageous. The herb ensures an increased effect of the oil. Inflammation and itchiness you can easily alleviate this way.

  1. First enter the oil that you want to improve as a care product for the face, in a pot and heat it on a small temperature stage.
  2. Next step is to add the St. John's wort flowers in the pot and mix it well with the oil. St. John's wort flowers you get, for example, in the pharmacy or health food store, so you do not have to look far.
  3. Then let the pot cool content and fill the oil together with the St. John's wort flowers in a mason jar and let well closed for about 14 days draw everything.
  4. If you see that the oil takes on a dark red color, pour it through a sieve and fill it best in an apothecary bottle that you in the dark.

If you are a very sun sensitive skin type, so you'd better refrain from the unterzumengen St. John's wort because it leads to an increase in light sensitivity. Likewise, you should avoid St. John's Wort if you are allergic.

Vote The oil on different skin types

  • Oily facial skin care that you can make with olive oil, which you mix in cucumber juice and egg white. Leave the mask for 30 minutes to take effect.
  • Enter the oil in a pot and heat it together with the beeswax. In warm condition you finally wear on the product and leave it for half an hour to act. The rest you can fill in a crucible.
  • Extremely sensitive or dry skin, you can do it again suppler by first grate a carrot and the other type in the juicer. Alternatively, you can also rely on carrot juice. Then enter all the ingredients together in a container and mix them together. Let the carrot mask then for 20 minutes to take effect.
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