Oliver Twist - Summary

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Oliver Twist - Summary

A figure with cult status - from the pen of Charles Dickens

The life of Oliver Twist - a summary

  • The novel character of Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist, had it from the beginning not easy. Not only that the times in which he lived, were extremely difficult, but overall it meant the fate at first not really good with the boys.
  • Now if it comes to designing a summary of his life, as one of the major milestones of this story is certainly accommodating the little ones of the shelter in Pentonville, England, in the mid-19th century.
  • From here, in a sense starts the odyssey of Oliver Twist that despite many adverse circumstances and misunderstandings still have a happy ending.

A difficult start - one little boy's not easy

  • Oliver Twist lives in difficult times. His fate seems about to be out that even small things can have a big impact on his life. When he is compelled example of other children in the poor house to ask the headwaiter to look, the nine year old for seven long days in a darkened room is locked.
  • So does the fate run its course. Some councilors are committed, to come into the foster family Sowerberry. The undertaker Sowerberry proves quite as a good teacher, but his wife is the little orphan well disposed towards little. Even the journeyman Claypole omits his displeasure at Twist.
  • The boy runs away and ends up at the fence Fagin, a "chance" gives him and other children to live with him. In return, he expects them to carry out thefts and burglaries. Oliver Twist defends himself, but did not escape the possibility. So also makes a stealing a snuffbox with Mr. Brownlow, a customer of the local bookseller, wrong.
  • Although two other children were responsible for the crime, Oliver is accused. Only later, however, witnessed the bookseller that the little twist did not commit the theft. he is completely exhausted now taken up by Mr. Brownlow and allowed to sleep only once at home with him.
  • One day asks Brownlow Twist to return some books and to settle some unfinished business with the bookseller. Meanwhile friend warns him, Oliver Twist of passing a 5-pound note, because the boy is not in any case come back. Mr. Brownlow, however familiar the little ones - and again everything is different.

Much turns for the better

  • During his visit to the bookseller Twist is tracked by Fagin's people. Because this fear, the little boy would denigrate them, they do everything possible to get him back - with success. Thus, Oliver Twist is not initially returned Mr. Brownlow, although he does everything to abuse his confidence in any way.
  • Oliver is forced to commit a burglary in which he, however, deliberately stupid lining up. His companions to fall, and he himself is shot during the escape.
  • In the meantime, Mr. Brownlow has made studies on Twist and learn with this is that he (Monks) a half-brother and brought him to his inheritance.
  • Finally, the burglars are caught, Fagin is executed and Oliver Twist is adopted by Mr. Brownlow.

The summary is clear that - at least in the literary world - is not always possible to take life into their own hands, but that numerous factors outside play an essential role.

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