On Lake Maggiore fishing - what you should consider this

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On Lake Maggiore fishing - what you should consider this

On Lake Maggiore worth fishing.

On Lake Maggiore fishing - you should know

  • Would you like to go fishing on Lake Maggiore, so you should know in advance that you may exercise your hobby only, provided that you are in possession of a valid sport fishing license. Inquire directly regarding the Road Executive Agency. You may apply for such permission, in the ward. A prerequisite for both focal points is that you fill in various documents and submit. The issuance of the permit is finally connected to a small fee.
  • If you want to take your kids with the fishing holiday, so need your children - if you are under 13 years old - no permission.

Notes for the fishing experience on the Swiss side

  • If you have selected the Swiss side to fish on the lake, you should know this, that the free fishing rights prevails. The selection of fishing rods is limited accordingly.
  • Per person, it is only allowed to use a fishing rod, which is equipped with a single hook.
  • The use of natural bait is provided, so you should refrain of use living Köderfischchen or parts as bait.
  • Are your children under 16 years, so they are even allowed to bring two hinges are used and where for all anglers simply fishing is permitted from the bank without any additional charge.
  • The patent duty which applies to the use of traps or Senknetzen should be noted on your part also.

These fish you can catch in Lake Maggiore

  • Many fish are native to the Lago Maggiore, which you can catch there. This includes for example the trout.
  • Also pike, smallmouth bass and walleye bite very well, so you can also check these fish from the lake.
  • Eel and shad are also settled in the lake, so you keep up with the appropriate equipment for these out and they can catch.
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