On Monday, "the" or "to" ...? - Dates explained grammatically

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On Monday, "the" or "to" ...?  - Dates explained grammatically

"Den" or "the" - what is right?

explains accusative and dative example

To understand why sometimes "Monday," and in other cases, "Monday," writes, is initially a little grammatical knowledge needed. It is about the distinction between the two cases, accusative and dative.

  • In German, there are four cases, also called case: nominative, genitive, dative and accusative. use native speakers in most cases intuitively the correct case, why the distinction is often not familiar. To understand the grammar of the dates, but you must be able to distinguish the accusative from dating.
  • The dative answers the question "Who or what?", For example: "To whom I give the book?" The answer might be: ". The teacher" "On Monday, 10 February" would be a dative construction.
  • The accusative in turn responds to the question "Who or what?", For example, "Wen I saw on the street?" Here the answer might be: ". The teacher" Thus would "Monday, February 10." a Akkusativkonstruktion.

"Monday" or "Monday"?

  • Do you want to specify a day of the week with its corresponding date now, use the accusative, ie: "Monday, 10 February, we have arranged for a swim." If you set the same sentence still ahead "on", you can also optionally use the dative: "On Monday, 10 February, we have arranged for a swim."
  • Both forms are correct. The According to Google, however, the shape is considered "on" as stylistically beautiful.
  • A comma after the dates you may incidentally only set when "the ... the ...," opted for the construction. In this case, the dates namely deemed apposition (admixture), and this is just separated by a comma. Select "..., the ...," you have designed a set with a bullet and it is not followed by a comma.
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