On the bathroom mirror cabinet Replace the bulb - how it works

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On the bathroom mirror cabinet Replace the bulb - how it works

Change light bulbs is simple.

A bathroom mirror cabinet is ideal to have a well-lit mirror and simultaneously clean up all things neat. But if you need to replace the light bulb, which requires patience, as can some of the aperture solve difficult.

To open the bathroom mirror cabinet aperture

  1. Take definitely a ladder, so you are at a level with the lens hood.
  2. Explore the hood above the mirror. As a rule, the left and right two plastic sheets which can be pressed inwards.
  3. Press this inward while pulling the cover toward you. Already you have uncovered the bulbs.

So you can replace the bulb

  • There are bathroom mirror cabinets in which you can not solve the hood. In this case, you need to look at the cabinet, there would have to be an opening. Reach into the opening and screw the bulb out.
  • The light should always be switched off when changing the light bulb. It is ideal if you also take the backup of the bathroom from the mains, so you avoid serious injury if the bulb socket should be broken.
  • Only use bulbs of wattage that is allowed for the socket. Excessive bulb would go immediately broken and can cause a short circuit.
  • Do not touch the new bulb at the thread. Grease from your hands can affect the life of the bulb otherwise.

On the bathroom mirror cabinet about changing a bulb is easy. Take for safety but the safety of the power grid.

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