On working boatyard - so successful training boat builder

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Boats are made by boat builders often to customer specifications. Thomas_Max_Müller / Pixelio

Career goal shipyard - those conditions you should bring

  • Theoretically satisfies a secondary school, but many companies mainly provide applicants with Realschule or a university degree. Your chances you can increase if you have already completed an internship of several weeks at a boatyard, sometimes this is even a condition for the start of training.
  • Get investigate in advance of an operating physicians. You must be physically fit to carry heavy loads, also the physician must attest to you the respirator suitability. This states that you are fit enough to long time to wear a protective mask, without being affected. You should also have no allergies or respiratory diseases or have a fear of heights, because you in boat building often work on ladders and scaffolding high.
  • Work well in a team? Before a boot is completed, you will pass many months, also you need to work almost every day with other colleagues. You also need to regularly maintain the customer contact.
  • You should have a great interest in mathematics, physics, works and art. In addition, you should be interested in plants, and electronic relationships.
  • Can you work well with your hands, have fun on the construction and design, have excellent spatial imagination and attention to detail, bring many important properties for the profession.

complete the training successfully boatbuilder

  • In some cities you can carry out the training, including in Hamburg, Bremen and Lübeck / Travemünde. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce for the nearest training location.
  • The training is organized dual (academic or job training) and usually lasts three and a half years. You should look at the vocational training regulation and find out about the contents of the training before the start.
  • During the training, you specialize in one of the two focal points "new, expansion and conversion" or "art".
  • Boatbuilders working by hand, and usually outdoors and under great noise and air pollution. Be aware.
  • If you have no internship, you should still look around once in a boatyard. See the boatbuilders and pursue a classical work. So you can best placed to assess whether you persevere until you keep your diploma in hand.
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