open disco - it CONSIDERATIONS

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open disco - it CONSIDERATIONS

be disco operators is not always easy.

to open a nightclub in a purely residential area, in the evening at eight the sidewalks can be "folded up", will hardly succeed. In addition to the specifications baunutzungsrechtlichen you should do prior to the opening of a disco in particular a precise location analysis.

make site analysis before opening the Disco

If you operate your disco not only as a hobby, but that also want to actually make money, you should make an accurate site survey before the opening.

  • So you have to ask if the place where you want to open the Disco, also the right one. Is there, for example, near similar places of entertainment? It can be a great disadvantage if the direct competition is too close.
  • However as entertainment places with another profile, this could also lead to higher customer flows. For example, are near cinemas settled, maybe one or other moviegoers still want to have some fun after the movie in your disco.
  • In a Disco planning should also include the aspect of how far the potential catchment area. So you need to be able to estimate the distance from which you can still attract customers to your offer.
  • At a disco in the country, where far and wide is no similar offer, the catchment area may be very far. In an urban location, it is on the other hand give more easily accessible competing offers.

The note baunutzungs- and trade regulations

Your Disco You can not open anywhere where you think you have found a good location.

  • Previously, you should definitely take a look at an existing development plan. There the envisaged you face may be set as a special area of ​​the building in accordance with the Land Use Ordinance. The definition of the construction area then decides which uses are permissible there.
  • In example, purely residential areas for exceptions for uses other than residential are allowed, but they usually require special justification.
  • The development plans of a municipality can be in construction or land registry, see generally in the city administration. Some cities - such as Hamburg - have their development plans already digitized, so that you can see on the website of the municipality even online.
  • natural addition to the building regulations, the trade regulations must be observed. As disco operators They are commercially active, so you need to sign your work as commercial. Responsible for this is the trade office that municipality in which you have your place of business, or to put it where the disco is. The business registration can be made online already in some municipalities.

to open a nightclub may be connected in advance with many authorities. Especially when it should be your lifelong dream, you should carefully plan this.

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