Open fires in the garden - so you get a permission

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Open fires in the garden - so you get a permission

For an open fire in the garden you need an official permit

For an open fire in the garden, there is no federal regulation. Each municipality or city government regulates it individually. but the principle applies for all places that you may jeopardize your fellow men by the fire nor harassing. It may also no trash to be burned.

So an open fire will be approved in the garden

  • Before you light an open fire in the garden, you should inform sure to consult your local municipal administration of the provisions. In general, the regulatory agencies are responsible.
  • If you live in a sparsely populated rural areas, it may be that you ever need any special permit for the burning of garden waste. You only need to ensure that you do not annoy your neighbors with the smoke. In addition, the fire should be put out after dusk.
  • In more densely populated places or cities you definitely need a permit from the competent regulatory agency. Sometimes it is sufficient if you contact by phone with the clerk's office in connection. You then have to explain exactly what you want to burn at what location.
  • If the authority does not oppose an open fire in the garden, you will receive a written permission. In addition, the clerk's office notifies the fire brigade and the police. This is because other people in the area to alert the fire brigade immediately if they see somewhere fire happens. Since the fire but was informed of the approved fire, it need not move out unnecessarily.
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