Open in Modern Warfare 3 NAT - Here's how

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Open in Modern Warfare 3 NAT - Here's how

play Modern Warfare 3 on the Internet

Preparation - the ports for MW3

  • This guide discusses the default of each router. Have you changed the username or password, you must of course enter the appropriate data at a given point
  • NAT - which stands for "Network Address Translation" and means the ability to communicate on a local network, such as your home, be forwarded to the Internet.
  • Since Modern Warfare 3 is released not only on PC, but also the Xbox 360 and the PS3, each game has different port spaces that you must depend on the platform, to unlock.
  • The ports of the PC platform are a bit more diverse, determined among other things by a range. In most routers you can also define specific areas. TCP and UDP are the two ways is being communicated by the. TCP is connection-based - UDP, however, is "fast". So you need on the PC to open a connection to port 3074 in both TCP and UDP. For playing they occupy the region 27014-27050 TCP, 27014-27030 is the area of ​​the UDP protocol.
  • The ports for Xbox 360 differ only slightly from those for the PS3. The respective first port is necessary for the preparation of a compound in an online game. To create the connection from MW3 you need also to port 53 on both protocols. The port 3074 is required on both protocols for playing. In addition, you assign port 88 UDP.
  • The ports for the PlayStation 3 are similar to the Xbox360 - here you should however pay close attention to the last UDP port, otherwise it will not work later! For communication between the PS3 with MW3 Need to TCP ports 5223 and 3074. For the UDP protocol to occupy the ports 3074, 3478 and 347th

MW3 play - with routers from Vodafone (Easybox)

  1. Log on to the configuration interface of your Easybox. This is by going to the browser "".
  2. Log in. The username is "root" and the password is "123456" - if you have not already changed.
  3. In the top menu, go to "data", then click "NAT" and then on "Advanced Applications".
  4. The order of the 4 box reads Trigger Port, Trigger Type, Public Port, Public Type and the right-wing box stands for activation.
  5. In case with the previous figures "192.168.2." enter the IP of the device with which you want to play MW3.
  6. In addition, check the option "Switch on the DMZ functions" - that makes the device is free to communicate with the Internet.
  7. To truly support the communications, select the "Tools" menu "UPnP" all hook box.

Find it on routers from 1 & 1 (AVM Fritz! Box)

  1. Sign up here to the configuration interface to by calling the browser "". Factory here no password is assigned.
  2. Activate the settings of the view the advanced option to see "Enable UPnP" menu item can.
  3. Click through the menu: "Settings", "Advanced Settings", "Internet" and "releases". Check there first UPnP to enable communication between devices on the Internet.
  4. Then, add the menu item "New Share" your port forwarding for the appropriate platform added, again, you must re-enter the IP of the device that plays MW3.

Open the NAT - routers to cable Germany (Belkin)

  1. Sign up here to: In the browser, type "" in, the user name is here either "admin" or nothing. Passwords do not come from the factory.
  2. You'll find the settings under "Firewall" and "Virtual Server". In the case of the Belkin router you must set the port forwarding for TCP and UDP individually. Fritz! Boxes can use both protocols simultaneously with a release.

Open the NAT - so Does it work in the telecom (Speedport)

  1. At Speedport routers, see the user interface by accessing the address "speedport.ip". Device password for registration can be found on the back of your device.
  2. Under the menu items "Network" and "NAT & Port Rules" you can define the rules for their respective device. Speedports offer instead of IPs is a list of device names. Therefore, it should not be too heavy-pressed to find your device here.

The NAT routers on Tele Columbus Open (D-Link)

  1. D-Link routers have the configuration interface on the "" page. The user name is "admin". Factory no password is assigned.
  2. In "Advanced" menu, you immediately come to item "port forwarding". In the first row you place a meaningful name for the rule in the field below, enter the IP of the device. A surcharge list next facilitates submit. In right field, enter the ports and protocols. Do not forget to set the hook, so that the redirect after the registration is also active!
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