Open Internet trading - what you should consider when establishing an internet shop

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Open Internet trading - what you should consider when establishing an internet shop

Internet trading can be fun.

Internet trading on commission

  • Commission basis means the Internet merchant offers goods from producers to, without having bought the goods in the run itself. Only when the final customer places an order, buys the Internet merchants from the actual owner or manufacturer of the goods.
  • In some cases, the goods will be shipped immediately from the manufacturer to the end customer. This saves shipping costs and the customer has his goods in one or two days earlier with him.
  • As Internet merchants you should in any case, a contract with the manufacturer or owner of the goods have in which is explained how it is with the warranty, guarantee and return policy.
  • That should it all be resolved before the goods are offered in the shop. In present circumstances, returns will be in the shipping industry with 30% expected in the first 14 days, if the dealer then is not contractually obligated to take back the goods, the Internet merchant remains sitting on it.

creating and running Internet Shop

  • Normally, the Internet trader buys the goods an as low as possible and then disposed of with some profit on. Many newcomers keep your margin is very low in order to undermine the competition customers.
  • Most of the trouble there is currently, if goods are returned in the first 14 days, this any buyer may in Germany, without notice. Most of the returned goods were already unpacked and put into operation, while the buyers expect the full purchase price. If the trader makes then an impairment submits such cases often end up in court.
  • For a small Internet merchant who has just opened his shop, three or four such customers can already mean a death sentence. Therefore, the margin should be set always high enough to absorb such cases.

Without advertising goes nothing

  • If you want to open a shop on the Internet, should think about advertising. It is useful to set some items on eBay, just like to sit down with Google in connection in order to develop a cost-effective approach.
  • Also advertisements in newspapers can be helpful to draw attention to a website.

Most important when trading however is the shopping. When shopping the money is earned. Only the dealer who buys at best, can hold even compared the lowest prices, thus recorded a very clear competitive advantage for themselves.

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