order donor card plastic - Here's how

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order donor card plastic - Here's how

Organ donation can save lives.

apply donor card on the Internet

  1. The organ donor card of plastic can be ordered via the Internet on the special information page organspende-info.de. This was commissioned by the Federal Centre for Health Education for information on organ donation and organ donation cards to purchase in order.
  2. To obtain such a pass plastic completely for free, you must first specify on the above page under "donor card as a plastic card" how many copies you want to apply. This can only be a passport be yourself, but also several hundred, if you order for example on behalf of a complete school. However, the maximum value is 1000 cards.
  3. If you select the number of copies, you simply click the "Buy Now" button next to it. This will be displayed in the "basket" Your search.
  4. Here you have the opportunity to correct the number of organ donor cards again to pick more items to order or go to the address entry.

Order this lifesaving plastic card - final steps

  1. Have you opted to enter your address, you land on a new page, which again shows you your order details and then asked for some details about you and your address.
  2. Fill in the fields truthfully and then click "submit address" at the end of the page.
  3. Shortly afterwards, a confirmation link will be sent to the specified e-mail address, which you have to press. Once this is done, you get sent after a few days your donor card plastic.
  4. This should be filled with a waterproof marker and always wear thenceforth carrying with him about in your wallet.
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