Orff instruments - so use them in kindergarten

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Orff instruments - so use them in kindergarten

The instruments must not be colored.

Learn Orff instruments initially know

  • If you are working in a kindergarten, first try once from simple rhythm instruments such. B. tambourine and drums. Practice their use by children Cd`s that. Only with a harmony, are the chords G major or C major, later played in the combination F Major / C-Dur Try to get to know the instrument and mitzuschlagen the rhythm.
  • A simple song accompaniment will like to encourage you to try more. Music education in kindergarten, with Orff instruments are exemplary of a good ear training and harmony. In addition to concentrating funding rhythmic understanding, team-related action and joy to be awakened to music.
  • In 1950 the first volumes of books came to the Orff work: "Music for Children", which were named after the music educator Carl Orff. In origin, Carl Orff turned Although the age groups from 6 and 14, but experience has shown that even younger children enthusiastically participate in lighter music exercises in preschool.
  • Ask for the nursery several instruments together, such. As a soprano chimes, triangles with different pitches, hand drums with screws, some cymbals, wood block drums, Schell rattle and advanced a Altglockenspiel. Do not forget to buy enough Schlegel, which should be wood, partly made of felt and partly.

Note the purchase of instruments some things

  • Buy for the chimes Schlegel, who are working bilaterally. On the one made of hard rubber and the other made of felt. The different Schlegel, wood, hard rubber and felt, various sound tones can be generated. Look at the mallets that you buy for the Triangle, that they are not too thick, and above all, that they have a handle made of wood.
  • A wooden drum resembles a thick, long wooden board, that should be good hollowed on its longitudinal sides. Note that this is undermining not only cut out, but drilled deep enough. It is also interesting when a wooden drum on both sides has been varying degrees drilled.
  • A frame drum, available with or without tambourine. For the nursery rather the frame drum is without tambourine. Make sure that the screws that wrap around the wooden frame, the skin of the drum do not project, because otherwise one encounters while making music always in mind.

Learn itself playing Orff instruments

  • The most difficult Orff instruments are the bell and Altglockenspiel. Take the stem of the beater loosely between the forefinger and thumb. The other fingers are loosely cupped over the end Schlegel. Beat loose and tender from the wrist and not from the upper arm. Make sure that the beater touches the instrument only briefly. Keep the Schlegel always 1 to 2 cm above the instrument.
  • Learn to use the triangle only targeted by the outgoing music and its rhythm. As with the chimes, hold the hammer and hit the Triangle only tender to set musical accents. Bridge to the Triangle, the music pauses. The use of multiple triangles you should only tackle if you are well practiced with a triangle.
  • A xylophone can be operated more easily. Use a Filzschlegel and work with your forearm. Thus the sound can bounce, also applies here that you do not rest the flail, but can only hit short. With loud playing pieces a mallet may be necessary. To obtain lower notes, you will need a Altxylofon.
  • Kids love the bells, and Schell rattle. However, you should only start when the songs for. B. from riding, sleighing, dancing or driving report. Wood Block drums you can use when it comes to demonstrate by knocking the coming of a figure, because these drums are characterized by a whip-like, loud sound from.
  • Cymbals sound when struck together, strong and when they are prodded with a mallet tender. It is important that you keep the cymbals on her leather straps so that it remains by its own power in your hand and can swing the cymbals. For a Metallophon you need thicker metal rods, because they sound an octave lower than the chimes above. Your sound sounds completed round.
  • Once you have learned with a Children's Songs and the various Orff instruments, good to deal with them, you are the children can teach in kindergarten. First, start to learn children's songs and perform a series about the different instruments until each child she has ever tried. If you do this step by step, it will be easy for you and the children to use Orff instruments as an accompaniment for songs and music pieces.
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