Ornamental trees for the garden - design and maintenance tips

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Ornamental trees for the garden - design and maintenance tips

Ornamental trees turn any garden.

Ornamental tree - Definition

A woody plant is a perennial plant that woody aboveground. Since the woody scion system is maintained, taking woody plants over the years in size. They include, among other trees and shrubs. As ornamental trees are of amateur gardeners, especially shrubs and trees understood their flower as attractive - is perceived - so ornamental.

Besides showy flowers, as for example in lilac or forsythia, the Growth and / or sheet form may be a decisive criterion. An illustrative example is the Japanese maple.

Ornamental trees plants - Fundamentals

Ornamental trees are suitable, depending on the varieties of hedges, uniform or mixed borders or as a solitaire. The best planting time is between late summer and early autumn.

The plants of ornamental trees in the garden must be well planned. For a new you preferably start with trees and shrubs. As with other plants of the soil and the incidence of light to be considered also in the copse planting.

They should know the growth characteristics of the desired trees. Grow the bushes fast or slow? What they are and how wide? What is to be planted under the trees? Can these plants thrive there yet?

Also take into account the initial maintenance requirements of your trees. Some need a pruning. The young plant is brought by proper pruning into shape. Catch up in advance.

Tips for garden planning

Once you know the claims and features of your desire trees, They are dedicated to the planning and distribution in the garden. Plan long term, because some trees can be put difficulties without thereby damaged.

Height: high growing trees should be set back, low shrubs forward. Determine the path of the sun and consider, especially in high-growing shrubs and trees, their shadows on the garden.

Spread: The shrubs should not interfere with each other in growth. Some ornamental trees can be cut back if necessary, some not. For a hedge that will also serve as a screen, you plant closer than for a discount. Since the hedge in winter to provide protection, combine with evergreen ornamental trees.

Flower color and flowering periods: Not all colors can be combined - you know from your perennial border. Therefore pay attention to a harmonious overall picture and combine only ornamental trees, which flower colors not "bite". Take into account also their different flowering time.

cut shrubs

Whether and how an ornamental tree has to be cut depends on the growth form and speed. Basically correct with an average appearance, rejuvenate the growth or condition, or increase the flowering performance.

Woody plants, which tend to Verkahlen at the bottom to get a rejuvenation pruning. Remove given as close to the base individual branches. The pruning stimulates the formation of new shoots from the base.

When Auslichtungsschnitt remove densely packed or crosswise growing branches of the crown. always cut above an outward eye. The expulsion of these dormant eyes the wood retains its natural growth habit.

A topiary, for example in the book, you should perform twice a year: the end of April and in August. You pay attention primarily on clean cuts and long-lasting, accurate form.

In summer flowering ornamental trees cut down in the spring far. This will encourage the flowering stem formation. Never in the spring before flowering, you should cut trees that have formed their buds already in last year's wood (hydrangea, lilac).

Not or rarely cut slow growing trees, such as certain rhododendron hybrids. Most of these come from the so-called education cuts that are running at a young age. At a rejuvenation pruning, you should refrain for slow-growing woody plants, as this affects their natural habit for years. If you or a neighbor a branch in the way, this course can be removed.

Garden make - Checklist

  • Which site claims has the ornamental tree? Floor / light / humidity.
  • As is his habit? Width / height.
  • How fast is the wood?
  • How much space does it in-grown state?
  • Can the plant be trimmed if necessary?
  • If a subsequent reaction in the garden possible?
  • If a lower planting planned and possible?
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