Orographic rainfall - explanation of how this particular rain form arises

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Orographic rainfall - explanation of how this particular rain form arises

Orographic rainfall is a common phenomenon in the mountains.

Orographic rainfall - a phenomenon of mountainous regions

The name says it all: orographic rainfall occurs exclusively on gradients, namely on the windward side of mountain slopes. Therefore, this phenomenon is observed in Germany frequently in the Alps in the south. Orographic rainfall can ensure that completely different weather prevails in quite closely spaced regions. Exactly how this works, check out the following statement.

Declaration - arises orographic rainfall

  • The basis for the formation of orographic rainfall rising air masses.
  • These air masses are forced into mountain regions to the windward side of a mountain and thus have no other option than to rise upwards.
  • With greater height, however, the air is getting thinner, so to expand the air masses.
  • Through the effort, which requires this expansion, the air masses cool.
  • Thereby, from the air masses Cloud, inevitably at some point reach the condensation limit - then arises of precipitation, which is known as orographic rainfall.
  • Thus, it is, however, not done: The air masses that cause the slope rain on the windward side of the mountain, the mountain pass and start on the other side again descend.
  • Here they warm up quickly, and the so-called foehn arises.
  • The hair dryer is as many warm wind known, which occurs primarily in warm weather.

Conclusion: When it rains on the windward side of a mountain, can on the leeward side at the same time the sun shine and reign a warm foehn wind. This is unfair, meteorologically but there is a simple explanation.

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