Osteoarthritis in finger - what to do?

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Osteoarthritis in finger - what to do?

Healthy eating for the sake of your fingers.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative non-inflammatory joint disease that begins with damage to the articular cartilage and if left untreated can deformation of the surrounding bone. The causes are not fully understood. Physicians suspect a mismatch between load and load-bearing capacity of the affected joints. In women, the hormonal changes could be an additional factor for osteoarthritis. Colloquially speaking, the layman of joint wear and thinks osteoarthritis.

Preventive measures against arthritis

  • The arthritis of the fingers, you can not only with small tips prevent timely, but apply to a possibly needed medical appointment. Some factors such as age, gender, heredity responsible for the development of osteoarthritis in the fingers, you can not influence, but preventively, you should pay attention to a correction of incorrect posture, avoiding obesity, lack of exercise and carrying heavy loads.
  • One risk factor for development of osteoarthritis may be injuries. Power, for example, hand sports such recordable handball, badminton and volleyball, it is important with exercises to warm the joints and muscles in order to prevent injuries.
  • Protect. Their hands from the cold by wearing gloves in cold weather
  • Lift heavy objects on with both hands. Instead heavy shopping bags to haul you prefer to take a trolly. Avoid activities that cause severe vibrations of the hand and finger joints. Lawn mowing and grass trimming should be avoided in case of confirmed or suspected osteoarthritis. Open bottles or jars not by hand but, for example with a can opener.
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet. Of particular importance is an adequate intake of vitamin C, calcium, protein and magnesium. Meat and sausage products should emphasize possible out of your diet for the time being.

Treatment of the disease of the finger

  • Is medically diagnosing osteoarthritis secured in the fingers, the doctor will initiate appropriate therapy to stop the further progression. The treatment of osteoarthritis in the fingers depends essentially on the objective to keep the finger movable and painless.
  • Strong pain medications for the inflammation and the pain may be prescribed. Physiotherapy measures such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation to ensure a heating of the deep muscles and better circulation.
  • To the fingers to keep it moving, you can easily perform at home a few exercises from the physiotherapy or occupational therapy. You can to knead clay or sand-filled balls in hand. A warm hand bath previously ensures adequate blood flow. You can also fill a bowl with raw peas or play sand, small items hide in order to extract by again.

All preventive measures against finger osteoarthritis you should leave in any case.

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