Osterschmuck tinker - succeed as painted eggs

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Osterschmuck tinker - succeed as painted eggs

So could your eggs look.

Painted eggs as Easter decorations

Even painted Easter eggs are as much Easter as the Easter Bunny and must be part of every case. The traditional Easter decorations can be made in countless variations, such as paste, colored with Easter eggs color or simply paint. The latter is also a nice idea, once again tinker with the children.

  1. At the beginning is the most difficult undertaking that Ostereierausblasen. For this, you first need a thick metal needle with the prick a small hole on either side of the egg. The hole must not be too big, but not too small. Is it too small, you can not blow it out. But is it too large, you can still blow the egg lighter, it looks not so nice at the end of. Be also careful when blowing, because the egg breaks pretty quickly. Therefore do prefer a couple more eggs ready to blow.
  2. Now take an egg and insert the skewer through. This fix up and down the egg with some modeling clay, then the egg can not slip and you can paint it better. The Tables insert then into the floral foam, then you do not have to spit eggs keep constantly in hand. Alternatively, if you have no floral foam on hand, you can also use a higher glass for the tables.
  3. And now you can start with the painting of Easter decorations. Here your creativity knows no bounds. You can completely paint the egg in one color, you can make this after drying with different colored dots or patterns decorate. This may, for example flowers, ornaments or simply stripes or dots.
  4. You can make different colors the egg also striped.
  5. Thus the Easter decorations premium look, you can still decorate the eggs end up with Glitterleim or simply sprinkle some glitter on the egg before the paint is dry, and let the glitter just dry with the paint. Thus, the color also keeps well and gets the necessary shine, you can see the painted eggs still spray with hairspray or use to paint colored paint.
  6. To be able to hang the Easter decorations accordingly, sharing a match in the middle and attach a string to it. Then plug the half matchstick into the uppermost hole of the already finished Easter egg - make sure that the thread is not going, and hook the match, so that it can not slip out.
  7. You can plug the Easter decorations on a wire or a rod, then you can plug the Easter egg in a flower arrangement.
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